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GET SOME! is a comedy web series about a Nuyorican couple from the Bronx who refuse to accept the honeymoon is over. They go out of their way to keep it hot and spicy. Sam aspires to be a celebrity chef and is fired up about moving up from his current position as a line-cook. Viv feels stuck as a substitute teacher in NYC’s public schools and is still searching for her calling.


Janis “Dr. Drey” Dreydon is a psychiatrist. Her best friend Ray is a bartender seeking to open up her own venue. This unlikely duo are arriving late at the gates of adulthood, but still know how to get into old school trouble…This is Good Crazy-A show about friends you can co-depend on.

Shot this shorty with director extraordinaire Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez before we linked up with Angelo Lozada and formed like Voltron and became T&A! Fun fact: The guy playing my husband is the director’s real life husband in real life! Ooooh scandal! Intrigue!


This is from a competition I entered called 15 minutes of Femme. The piece was written, directed and performed by Yours Truly. I lost by one damn vote! One! This is why voting is so important people. Have you registered yet?