Here, view clips from recent projects.

GET SOME! is a comedy web series about a Nuyorican couple from the Bronx who refuse to accept the honeymoon is over. They go out of their way to keep it hot and spicy. Sam aspires to be a celebrity chef and is fired up about moving up from his current position as a line-cook. Viv feels stuck as a substitute teacher in NYC’s public schools and is still searching for her calling.


The clips below are from another web series I did called Good Crazy. For more episodes go to:



Shot this shorty with director extraordinaire Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez before we formed like Voltron and became T&A!

Fun fact: The guy playing my husband is the director’s real life husband in real life! Ooooh scandal! Intrigue!


This is from a competition I entered called 15 minutes of Femme. The piece was written, directed and performed by Yours Truly. I lost by one damn vote! One! This is why voting is so important people. Have you registered yet?